Bogus Buyers Scams -Scam emails - Bogus Buyers e-mail addresses.

Shown below are examples of dubious emails received by advertisers from apparent potential bogus buyers.

These e-mails can be relatively easy to spot as they are often grammatically incorrect, mention "reputable shippers" and "certified cashier cheques". Often foreign buyers send cheques for far in excess of the asking price of the instrument. They request the balance of the money to be sent to them to arrange a "reputable shipper" to collect the instrument. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY IT IS A SCAM

These cheques appear to be drawn on UK Banks but can prove to be invalid. These dubious buyers are hoping that the seller will send the excess balance and part with the instrument before the cheque has been cleared. Also these cheques may appear initially to be cleared by a bank - but later the bank declares the cheque or draft to be invalid (a forgery or stolen) and wants its money back.

Some recent scams have made reference to payment via Pay Pal accounts and arrange for couriers to pick up the musical instruments. Nearly all these "bogus buyer" are not interested in viewing or asking any questions about the instruments for sale.

Example e-mail :
Regarding the payment and pickup arrangement Certified cheque will be
issued in your name include the money for the sales of your item+ the
shipping cost. I would like to restate clearly that this item will be
shipped and I have a shipping agent who would take good care of this.Y ou
are to cash the Check you will recieve and deduct the funds for the sales of your item and please have the excess funds sent to the shipping agent in order to schedule the pick up of the item. All neccesary transfer papers will be dully signed by the shipper on behalf of my client when the shipping agents comes for the pick up of the item. I will be willing to entertain more of your questions that might arise, please provide your CONTACT NAME,ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER so that I can have it forwarded to my client for immediate payment issuance.

Never accept high offers especially from overseas buyers. Never send the instrument before obtaining full confirmation from the bank that the cheque or draft has been cleared.


I am Tim Newton.I am an american and i am into buying and selling of new and used Musical Instruments.i saw your advert on your{Bass Clarinet }and i have one of my customer who is currently intrested in the Guitar.And i am okay with what i have read regards the condition of the instrument,so the payment shall be made with a British casheir cheque.A cheque of 2820Pounds will be sent to you by my client who needs the instrument so all you will need to do immediately you receive the check is just to cash the cheque and deduct your 300Pounds and send the remaining balance to the shipping agent who will be taking care of all the shipment to my client i Nigeria where he requested for the use of the instrument.You will send the balance to the shipping agent via western union money transfer.Please i want you to send to me immediately your Full name and address where you want the check send to.Thanks i expect your mail as soon as you are okay w ith this shipping and payment arrangements.Please send this informations to me as soon as possible so that the check could be sent to you without no delay. Thanks, Tim Newton.


Dear Seller,
> I 'm interested in purchasing your advertised Professional Bb Trumpet
> and
i will like to know the price if is okay by me. if I can pay with a cheque drawn in an United Kingdom Bank. If this is okay with you do get back to me immediately for me to arrange the payment. Concerning the shippment, my shipper will come and pick it up from your location as soon as we seal this transaction. Do get back to me immediately with your:-
> NAME..
> CITY..
> STATE...
> Pls mail me today,to let me know what's good,for me to make the
> payment
ASAP.I know I can trust you, Hope to hear from you soon.
> Best regards,
> james.

Other suspect offers have also been received from the following e-mail addresses:

(Most recent at the end of the list)





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