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Testimonials and Comments

MISales established in 2001 is one of the largest and busiest Classified Musical Instrument Websites on the Net. Over 1,500,000 Pages are viewed in 12 months

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Below is a selection of unsolicited comments received.

I sold my Cor Anglais for the asking price within a few weeks. Just didn't expect to get a successful sale so quickly. Thank you!  S. Busby

Please remove my ad reading 145107 Yamaha Sax. Sold the sax the first day it went on to your site!!!! J.Lock

Please can you remove this advert of mine as my kit sold within one week for full asking price thanks for the great service I have recommended your site to my friends and other members of my band Thanks again . D. Lloyd

Sold my Selmer MKVI alto sax easily for the full asking price. Had lots of enquiries. S.Coates

Very pleased with the result of our Advert on Misales. It was good to be able to sell a high value, but also sentimental, Clarinet on a site that specializes in musical instruments, knowing that the buyers appreciate what they are looking at. J Sandys

I have sold my Saxophone today thanks to your excellent site, far better than ebay. R. Parsons

Completed sale of my Harp in just 2 weeks. Delighted with the service you offer - absolutely great value and first class communication. Thanks! Best regards, N. Haines.

Thank you for the service you provide. I have placed my keyboard on eBay three times with no interest and within a few weeks of advertising with you I had five genuine offers. S.Nelson

Yanagisawa Soprano saxophone. Sold within 24hrs for asking price: are as impressive as ever! T. Bushnell

Very pleased sold my Buffet Bass Clarinet via Misales for the full asking price. P. Conroy

Can I just say that you have a great website and it was much more straightforward to advertise on than using ebay! M. Bartley

Please could you remove my advert for the Cor anglais as the instrument is now sold. I had 5 queries in a short time, and was sold for the exact asking price so I am very grateful and would recommend the website to anyone else trying to sell their instruments. Many thanks. L. Woodhall

Thanks for your help - I had a huge response and sold my Harp within the week. A.Perry

This is the second time I've used your website sold my clarinet in a week. I will defiantly be using you again. Thank you. J. Chapmans

Sold both my Trumpet and Flugelhorn on Misales in less than 24 hours !  Many thanks. M. Nickel

Please remove my advert for the Yamaha alto saxophone. The instrument sold within 2hrs of the advert being placed. A. Scott

Great service. Harp sold. Many thanks. H. Barley

Have so far sold 4 Brass Instruments which all sold quickly. Very impressed with Misales and will definately use the site again. D Pickles.

I sold the Selmer Saxophone within a fortnight of placing the advert for the full asking price, very impressed. A. Higginson

Within two weeks we have two serious enquiries; within four we had five - by which time our £8,000 harp was sold. You provide a great service - thank you very much. C. S. Jones"

A really good way to get what you are selling in front of serious and knowledgeable buyers. Very easy to use and I'll recommend the site to others. Thank You. G. Rimmer

Sold my KingTrombone very quickly to the first caller. P. Hilyer

Please remove my Selmer Saxophone advert from your excellent website. I have sold it for the advertised price using your website which has cost me only a fraction of the advertising costs that I would have had to pay if I had used ebay. Thank you very much for your superb and very economical service. D. Silvera.

Amazing, the ad's only been up for less than a day and I've already sold one of the guitars. Mike.

Misales has been so effective I have lost count of the calls I had for the saxophone. S. Kerry

We are delighted that the Cello that we advertised on your site has been sold within a fortnight. F. Kirton

Sold my Conn Baritone Sax within hours of placing ad. Brilliant! G. Keates

Hi please can you remove my advert as we sold Camac harp today. Very pleased with the site as I had many offers and could have sold it 5 times over!!! K Meek

Your site has worked well for the third time and I have sold my sax. D. Williams

Many thanks to your site my Aoyama Etude 47 pedal harp has now found a new home - in Belfast. A. Watson

Sold my Selmer S80 sax within 4 days of advert going on the site. Very good site to advertise. Thanks J. Locke

Great site, beats ebay hands down. M. Wilkinson

Thanks for your help - I had a huge response and sold my Harp within the week. A.Perry

Once again all items sold and so far over the last year or so have had a 100% success rate - brilliant site. Brian JM

The £19,500 Harp has now sold thanks to the advert on the site. Many thanks - much impressed! B. Cay.

This is the second time I've successfully sold an instrument on Misales. It's a great website, easy to navigate with speedy and efficient service from Misales. Wouldn't hesitate in recommending it to any seller or purchaser. Well worth the cheap fee. Thanks Misales. J. Parker.

I have now placed about 5 ads on your site and have been successful in selling all of the instruments advertised, with a good enquiry rate from each ad. Your service and price really instils confidence in web based advertising. I have tried and similar with probably 1/10th the success of your site. Thank you for such a good site/ service. T. Beckett

Thank you for a brilliant site and excellent service! I sold my Double Bass via the site. J Wardle

Have now sold the Buffet B12 clarinet so please remove the advert. Another successful sale. M. Todd

Hi please can you remove my advert as we sold Camac harp today. Very pleased with the site as I had many offers and could have sold it 5 times over!!! K Meek

Completely effortless system, with no hidden costs or problems - musicalinstrumentsales enabled a very quick sale in a way no other advert had achieved , thanks. S. Heneker.

I am pleased to say that my Buffet Clarinet has now been sold, within a fortnight of placing the advert! A. Gallon

Please remove the Howarth S20 (oboe) from the site as it has already been sold through your incredible service. I have never experienced a better selling medium and am 100% impressed by the service that you have offered. R.Spens

The advertisement for my Electric Guitar can now be removed. Item sold to first caller within 48 hours of appearing. Excellent, many thanks. D. Macdonald.

The MISALES site was useful. After advertising locally for a month with no success the guitar went within 10 days. Since then I've had another 8 or 9 calls and a few e-mails. M. Froud.

Thanks to all at Misales, my ad for my fender 50th anniversary strat was sold in four days. Great site , very helpful staff. P. Pringle.

Please remove my add (Yamaha Drum Kit), as now sold (in just under 3 weeks) , excellent site. S.Gibson

Your site works brilliantly! I am delighted to have sold one of the instruments I advertised in next-to-no time flat. Please remove the oboe from your listings. Thank you. P. Bishop.

Please remove my advert for the Premier XPK Drum Kit as I have sold it - 3 days after the advert appearing on the site! Thanks
very much, your site certainly gives the results you claim. M.Greenwood.

This is the second time that your site has been successful in selling something for me. Thanks!
B. Beattie.

Very quick, easy and cheap. Thanks. S. Karavasili

Tremendous response!!! Could have sold the kit 10 times over. I. Mackinnon.

Thanks very much ­- I've had roughly 150 people inquire about the ad. L. Hanson.

Incredible, sold an Organ within 24 hours of placing the ad. A great site for everything musical. A.Rich

My Yamaha Wind Machine and Controller have been sold - please remove from listing as I am still getting replies and could have sold them 100 times!!! Thank you for your magnificent site. P. Coe

Thank-you. I have sold eight woodwind instruments on Musical Instrument Sales in the last three months, may I congratulate you on the effectiveness of the site. In my experience this level of response is unique. Keep up the good work. Edinburgh Dealer.

Quite amazing - sold the Trombone in less than a day from it being placed on the site. Also sold the Euphonium in 2 weeks. B. Daykin

Thanks to your fine service I have now sold both keyboards I had placed on your excellent website. R. Webster

Could you please remove advert ref 115099 Premier. The item sold within 2 days B.Miller

Please can you delete my advert as I have now successfully sold the oboe through your website - with more enquiries then I could handle!! P. Deans.

Great site - thanks sold my Roland Electric Kit with no problem. B. Brewer.

I sold my Buffet R13 Clarinet through this very efficient website. Many thanks ! L.Last.

Thanks to your website I sold my Simon & Patrick acoustic a guy from Norway. Top stuff - I'll be a regular visitor. B.Collins.

Great site- sold my Yamaha clarinet in less than a week !!! A. Lovell

Yamaha YTS32 Tenor Sax and Custom mouthpiece…….I had a good response and now have sold. G.Worrall

Please remove advert of Vibraphone for sale as I have just sold it. Many thanks, good service - it works! J.Starkey

I sold my sax in 2 weeks .... excellent service, will recommend it to my friends. J. Dawson.

Could you please remove my ad for a bass guitar for sale? I managed to sell it thanks to your site. G.W. Lane

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