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To place a free listing on our Stolen Musical Instrument Page please register with the site by clicking here. If you are already registered on the site login here. Please note that none of your details are passed onto third parties. You will not be charged for placing a Stolen Instrument Listing and once registered you can amend or delete your listing via your own control panel.

When filling in details of your instrument select "Stolen Instruments" from the "Type" category. Please leave the "Price" category blank.

Uploading photos
Most small to medium size photos will be suitable for using with your listing. We advise that photos are reduced in actual size to no larger than 640 x 480 pixels and file sizes reduced. This means that the photos will upload faster from this advert form and appear on the site in a smaller file size and will download faster when shown on the advertisement. For further details and guide click here.

Register Here to Place a Stolen Instrument Listing

If you are already registered on the site login here.

It only takes a few days for the listing to be found by search engines and anybody searching on the net with a make and serial number find the MISales page. Several high profile instruments have been recovered via these listings.

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