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Stolen Instruments Cello bow byTourte Cello bow made by the Tourte brothers around 1790 stolen from me in Copenhagen (Denmark) the 12th of august 2012 near the central station. - The bow stick is made of pernambuco (brazilwood), round-shaped except from the frog area where it is octogonal,- it is silver mounted €" The tip plate of this bow is made of silver and fixed by 5 pins, €" a frog was made for it in 2008 in the style of F.X. Tourte, without any piece of metal between the ebony of the frog and the bow stick.
€" the bow-stick is covered with reptile-skin-like protective stickers at the frog. The bow was stored in a box looking shabby, snake-skin-like green on the outside, velvety pale brown on the inside. The box belonged to B. Cazauran and therefore holds the name CAZAURAN written inside.
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