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Saxophones Yanagisawa Yanagisawa A-500 Alto Saxophone, made in 1984 for the UK market with SN: 00119034. "A very close-to-perfect instrument" - Abi (technician) at Dawkes Music Ltd., Maidenhead. Bought in 1985 and played irregularly for ~3 months before being placed back in its as new condition case and then stored in a secure, dry place where it has remained undisturbed until being 'found' again a few weeks ago (as at May 2019). The reason for it not being played anymore is that I am a trumpet player and found the different embouchure style too difficult to master. I took the instrument to the acclaimed Dawkes Music for inspection prior to offering it for sale where it was appraised, and highly appreciated, by both their Saxophone salesman and one of their technicians, with the latter describing it as per the quote above and further qualifying that it was in "very good, near mint condition". There is a slight blemish (acid bleed) on the crook and the tiniest of flux bleeds on the top of the main body "both undoubtedly from time of manufacture". The technician minutely inspected the instrument and was pleased to see that the original pads were in very good condition and tweaked some hinges before playing it (first time in ~35 years) and describing its tone as "wonderful". This instrument needs a good home where it will be enjoyed and played regularly. It would suit not only a seasoned professional but also provide a great investment to a committed beginner. There are more Photos available on request via contact. Those interested would be welcome to inspect (I'm in NE Hampshire, between Reading and Basingstoke) although I would not be able to play it for you; you'd need to bring your own reed/mouthpiece if you wished to do so. Price GBP£1,500.00 (as advised by Dawkes Music, relative to condition, including that of the case). Tom 07710-707517 £1,500 07710707517
Reading (South of)

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