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Saxophones Conn Conn Transitional 1933 - SN - M series 257476. This Tenor is one of the best Conn Transitionals at the end of the New Wonder Chu Berry time but has the playability and features of the M Series Naked Lady it has everything - superb monster sound- plays as it should do up and down, dark rich lacquer 95% probably from the 1950s, Naked lady engraving, split bell, rolled tone holes, nail file G. If you want to get back to a real vintage horn that was played by the greats. No damage and only small tweak repairs. Totally genuine horn. Complete renowned specialist top to bottom overhaul, quality new pads and felts etc. Can be played in West London or UPS (included in price) posted in bubble wrap and its strong wooden old case. £2250 07771 977704
Richmond West London

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