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Saxophones Selmer Selmer MKVI Alto Saxophone - 5 digit 57xxx 1954. Bought from a collector in 2022, it had just been completely re-padded! Professionally setup and regulated by top UK technician Stephen Howard in December! A very special horn that plays beautifully with a big sound and an evenly spread tone across all the octaves, including the altissimo register. Not bright sounding by any means, but it can easily cut through any small ensemble or jazz orchestra. Almost tenor like quality to the sound when its pushed - a very powerful horn! Tuning spot on from top to bottom! Usual lacquer wear (about 70% original lacquer is remaining) not seen any major repair for dents or damage in its life. The rods, springs and key pearls are not worn, like on some other MKVIs, little use over the years and so has bags of life left in it! I have been told by two different technicians that this is one of the nicest MKVI altos they have come across! Sorry to see it go, but hardly have the time to play these days with family commitments It also comes with original tri-pack case, with space for a clarinet and flute. Please message me if you have any questions and I will be happy to provide more info. Trials welcome - Richmond, SW London. £6250 07446759795

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