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Double-Basses German / Bohemian 5/8 German/Bohemian double bass c.1930, unknown workshop (Rubner style). I bought this bass in 2015 from renowned Kln-based Luthier Daniel Kress. It's unclear who made it, but as it resembles Rubner basses of the same period it was most likely made in a nearby workshop, somewhere in the then Bohemian area of Germany. It's unusual size makes for great playability, especially if you're on the smaller side, but the sound is rich and mellow.The repaired cracks to the body were there when I bought it, but the peg repair on the scroll is I'm afraid my fault, and this is reflected in the price. However the repair was done excellently and it does not seem to have taken anything away from the sound. I'm not sure what make the pickup is but it works great across the range of the instrument. Full height = 176cm, Bottom to shoulder = 106cm, String length = 102cm, Upper bout = 47cm, Lower bout = 59.5cm, Width of neck at nut = 4.3cm. You can hear how it sounds here (solo bass and voice): Click Here Get in touch if you have any questions, I'd love to help if I can. Collection would be best but I would consider driving it to you, depending on your location. £5200 07504876744

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