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Bass Guitars Dean Dean Upright Pace Bass is for bass guitarists who want the sound of an upright without the muscle strain. The Pace Bass is an oversized stick format with a two-piece stand. It all fits into a supplied custom hard case, Superbly finished in a gloss black with high quality construction throughout the bass has a thru-neck solid block of hard maple with a classic slotted headstock design and vintage Fender style matching black tuners, rosewood fingerboard giving a full two octave range, and black chrome hardware. Dot markers are also fitted on the side of the neck for electric bass players to keep tabs on their positioning. Unlike a lot of other electric uprights, the Dean Pace comes with a tripod stand with a fully adjustable pivot. This allows you to set the bass to any angle you like, and leave it set for next time you play. There's no need to support the neck or hold it up while playing, and no need to spend any extra money on a separate stand to prop the bass up when not in use. This instrument is like new & an absolute bargain. Click for Details Trade Advert £399.00