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MISales now offers 25 advert slots at a cost of £49.99 per annum. This means the advertiser can have up to 25 adverts displayed at any one time. This is ideal for a Dealer, Shop or Private Advertiser who wishes to place multiple adverts. The cost works out at less than £1 per week to advertise. By logging into your own personal control panel the advertiser can add, replace or amend as many adverts they wish but maintaining a maximum of 25 adverts at any one time. Each advert can have up to 4 photos.

In order to take this offer please follow this procedure :
(1) First register with MISales. Register Here (if you are a New User)
(2)Then return back to this page.
(3)Make a payment of £49.99 (Click Below)

(4)Once payment has been sent your account will then have to be approved and manually set up by ourselves. A confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours.
(5)Everything is then set up !

Please call 07813921193 or email if you have any questions.

musicalinstrumentsales was established in 2001 and has been running for over 20 years and is the largest and busiest website based in the UK exclusively specialising in advertising secondhand /used Musical Instruments. Though based in the UK the site can be viewed world wide on the Net. It welcomes advertisements from around the world as advertisements can also be payed for in US$ and €. and instrument prices displayed in any currency.

musicalinstrumentsales is now regarded by many in the music profession as the definitive and foremost website for advertising used musical instruments on the Net.

The site has a very high ranking with the major internet search engines, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves, etc. view examples of search engine rankings

Over the years there have been thousands of instruments bought and sold via the site. There have been many favourable comments from advertisers who have sold. click here for comments.

Over One Million pages viewed in 12 months - for full stats click here.

Advertising Features
  • NEW UNIQUE FEATURE : adverts can be amended (price, details, photos etc) using an advertisers control panel. Total control over your advert - amend it when you want - instant changes.
  • No commission charged on sales. Compare costs with Ebay that now charges 12.8% commission.
  • Advertise for Wanted Instruments.
  • Include 4 photos in the advert.
  • Remove your advert at anytime via your own advertisers contol panel.
  • Very reasonable advertising rates - all adverts can remain on the site for 8 months.
  • A very effective way to advertise costing much less than most newspaper and magazine advertisements and reaching a far wider audience. Advertisements can be viewed 24 hours a day 7 days a week worldwide.
  • With the 25 slot deal advertisements can remain on the site for up to 12 months compared with a relative short time offered by auction sites. This gives the capability of the advert to be viewed by very many prospective buyers, also giving buyers the opportunity to see and try the instrument and hopefully a good asking price achieved.
  • All advertisements are checked and manually loaded onto the site.
  • Advertisements can be paid for also in US$ and Europe€.
  • Up to 60 words can be used in the advertisement.
  • No actual advertisers e-mail addresses are shown on the site. A prospective buyer fills in a form on the site which is then forwarded to our secure server and then via e-mail to the advertiser. Therefore the e-mail addresses of advertisers are totally anonymous to anybody viewing the site and cannot be collected for spam etc.
  • If we are aware of any person sending dubious offers for musical instruments, this person can be blocked from replying to other advertisers via the advert reply form on the site. This is a feature almost unique to musicalinstrumentsales.
  • We maintain your privacy by not passing on any advertisers details including e-mail addresses to any third party. All advertisers details are used solely for the running of this site.
  • musicalinstrumentsales is advertised in Trade Journals.
  • musicalinstrumentsales is run by Musicians for Musicians.
  • musicalinstrumentsales was established in 2001 and has been running for 20 years.

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